We support you through the entire process!
From Meaningful Use registration to attestation, we walk you through the entire process. Our staff will help you and your staff understand the measures and how to meet them in our software.

Measure Calculator
Our Measure Calculator has a ton of features in it to help ensure that you stay on top of your Meaningful Use status, and makes it very easy for you to see where you need to focus on. Additionally, our clients can send us their status any time at the click of a button for advice on how they are doing.

When do I have to attest? What Stage am I in? What happens if I get audited?
Our clients don't have to worry about the answers to the above. We are here to guide you. If we don't have the answers to your questions, we will put you in touch with someone who can. It is in our best interest of course to make sure you are doing Meaningful Use and that you can pass an audit with ease.

How many clients have received Meaningful Use money using our software, you ask?
Over $7,000,000 has been paid out to our users for Meaningful Use. Not only is that an impressive number, but the key point is that most of our users not only do Meaningful Use the first year; They keep doing it year after year. Because the Meaningful Use guidelines have been integrated so beautifully into the software's workflow, our users catch on very quickly and have a ton of success meeting the measures.

Links to Informative Websites Regarding Meaningful Use and HIPAA

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  Health Information Technology Timeline

  Meaningful Use Participation Timeline

  Changes for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use

  Guidance on Risk Analysis

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